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Thai Royal First Class 747 BKK-MUC

After being escorted from the Thai Royal First Class Lounge we were welcomed into the nose of the 747 and delighted to see that our plane had the newer version of Thai’s First Class product.  On some Thai routes (ours included) you can never tell if they’ll have the new or old seats until you board the plane, and while the old First Class product isn’t bad the new one is world class.


Thai Royal First Class Cabin

The First Class Cabin consists of 9 seats all the way forward on the lower deck of Thai’s 747.  We selected seats 1A and 1K, all the way forward.  On the 747 the flight deck is on the upper level so we were actually sitting right up in the nose of the plane.  Due to the curvature of the plane it was possible to get a very cool – almost forward – view from our windows.


Seats 1A & 1K

We loved being right up in the nose of the plane, and since there was nothing forward of us there was never any foot traffic past our seats.  The privacy was incredible, the only time we ever saw other passengers was when we used the bathroom.


Thai Royal First


Thai Royal First

As soon as we were seated a friendly flight attendant offered us menus, pajamas and a glass of Dom Perignon.  We accepted all three.


Dhara in an empty seat behind us


Pajamas and Amenity Kit


One of the bottles of Dom Perignon we drank on the 11 hour flight


Dinner Menu

We changed into our Thai pajamas while still on the ground.


Powder Blue Thai First Class PJs

Just after takeoff the flight attendant asked for our dinner orders and I panicked and just pointed at the first option I saw because although I had looked at the menu my eyes never made it past the first line – White Sturgeon Caviar.  I invited Dhara over to my suite for dinner (I’m such a gentleman) and the flight attendants made the table for two.  It’s still amazing to me that one First Class Suite fits two adults so comfortably.


Both of us enjoying dinner in one suite

The first course consisted of caviar and vodka.  Dhara didn’t like either.


Dhara – blocking my TV


White Sturgeon Caviar & Stolichnaya Vodka

The main course came out next.  I ordered the prawns which were nice but very small.  But that was fine with me, just left more room in my stomach for Dom Perignon.  The flight attendant just kept bringing out bottle after bottle.  I think we went through about 3 bottles on our own – though things started to get a little hazy towards the end.


Prawn Main


Dhara playing with one of our empties


Getting drunk in my PJs and posing for pictures – super classy

Dessert was a selection of cheeses and fruits.



After dinner I kicked Dhara out of my suite because she was blocking the TV and she went to sleep in her bed which the flight attendant had made up for her while we were eating.


Seat in the fully flat sleeping position

While Dhara slept I got my superhero fix on my personal TV which seemed pretty massive.


Wolverine doing his thing

Between the bottles of champagne and the fact that I had seen X-Men Days of Future Past 5 times already I dozed off and was woken by the flight attendant for breakfast when we were about 90 minutes out from Munich.  Breakfast consisted of a fruit plate followed by a hot meal of eggs and sausage.





We loved absolutely everything about this flight: the seats, the service, the caviar, the champagne, the fact that we were sitting all the way in the nose of a 747.  This was easily our best flight of the year…so far.  We’re about to board Lufthansa First Class home to New York, and we’ve got a Cathay Pacific First Class flight in a few weeks – we’ll have to see how those stack up.

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