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Lufthansa First Class A340 MUC-EWR

Flying Lufthansa First Class has been my lifelong dream (for the past 3 months) so in order to get both Dhara and myself into their First Class Cabin I did something that I’m not very proud of – I booked our flight to New Jersey.  We had the option of flying to JFK (right by our house) in Business Class or to Newark in First and while I was going back and forth over what we should do I realized that the Lufthasa First Class lounge in Munich has 3 local beers on tap and gives out little rubber duckies.  So, while I do try to avoid Jersey when possible there isn’t much I won’t do for free beer and toys.


These little guys won me over

So did these little guys.


Dunkelweiss & Pilsner Beers in Lufthansa First Class Lounge

We arrived in Munich aboard our Thai Royal First Class flight, and although we weren’t escorted directly from the plane to the lounge as in Bangkok, it was easy to find and we were in the lounge within a few minutes.  The lounge wasn’t as impressive as the one in Bangkok but it was still very nice with a huge selection of food and drinks, as well as large shower rooms and a few sleeping rooms.  Since we had an almost nine hour layover we asked for a sleeping room and spent the next six hours napping in there.


Sleeping Room – Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich

The beds looked like they were designed with single business travelers in mind, but we had no trouble both cramming in there together for a nap.  After sleeping off the slight Dom Perignon headache we picked up from our previous flight we made our way over to the restaurant area where they had both a buffet and an a la carte menu.


Bavarian Specialties – Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich

I tried to order the “Bavarian Specialties” from the menu and the waiter explained that that was not a dish, but rather the subtitle of a section of the menu.  I said that was too bad, because it would have been nice to try a little of everything and he responded, “great idea, I’ll bring you a little of everything.”  It’s the little touches like this – bringing me what I want, even if it’s not technically something they offer – that left me with a great impression of Lufthansa.


A very enjoyable Bavarian lunch

While boarding the plane I asked the flight attendant how many passengers were booked in First Class and she responded, “It’s just you two.  Sit in all the seats.  Have a party.  Make a mess.”


This is how Dhara parties

I can’t even remember which seats we actually booked but we started out sitting in the middle in the second row – though we ended up using six or seven seats throughout the flight, changing depending on whether we were sleeping or eating or watching the sunset.


Lufthansa First Class

While still on the ground the flight attendant offered us pajamas and a welcome drink.  We chose Erdinger Weissbeer.  While sitting and enjoying our beers the Captain came out of the cockpit and personally welcomed us onboard while I blushed like a schoolgirl.  He explained the route, flight time, and weather conditions, and even made a joke that we would need to hold onto our glasses of Weissbeer during takeoff but then we could put them down on the table and trust him to keep the plane level so they don’t spill.


Weissbeer & Macadamia Nuts on the ground

After we took off the purser came by and introduced himself and explained that we had the option to dine on demand, rather than eat at any predetermined time.  We asked for the caviar and appetizer service right away and then to have the mains and desserts delayed to give us some time to digest.


First Appetizer

I don’t remember what this first appetizer was called, but I didn’t particularly like it, though I did order it with a glass of Johnny Walker Blue Label on the side which was lovely.


Caviar & Beluga Vodka

Next up was the caviar service.  Since we were the only ones in the cabin they offered us about triple the normal serving size of caviar and we graciously accepted.  The third course consisted of salmon, dried beef, and a salad.


Third Course

The fourth course was a cinnamon flavored tomato soup with smoked duck breast and croutons which somehow tasted just like Thanksgiving.  I loved it.  After this one we took a break before continuing on to the mains.


Cinnamon Tomato Duck Soup

After serving four rounds of appetizers the team of flight attendants bowed out and left us alone in the cabin – so we decided to play around a little.  Mostly just running around, drinking our weissbeer, and taking a ton of photos.


I don’t often get a chance to do this


Dhara’s Excited


Blame it on the alcohol


Hiding in the corner suite


Suddenly, just one First Class Seat looks small. We might need to fly in our own cabin from now on :)

So, that was pretty much the extent of our “party”.  After we had tired ourselves out running around and taking photos we called the flight attendants back for our main courses.  Dhara ordered the pasta and I had the beef and the flight attendants set Dhara’s table for both of us so we could eat facing one another.  And here we are, the two of us both sitting in one suite while the other 7 lay empty.


Table for Two

During dinner the flight attendants set up two of the empty seats as beds for us so we could use them for a nap whenever we pleased.  It was quite a luxury to have a set of separate beds for sleeping.


Lufthansa First Class Bed


Lufthansa First Class Bed


Dhara taking advantage of the bed

The bed was the most comfortable we have had on a plane so far and really allowed us to get a great amount of rest on the final leg of our journey home.  The service was incredible, and the fact that we had the cabin all to ourselves really made this a travel memory we will never forget.

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