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Lufthansa Business Class 747 FRA-JFK

On the way back from our spring trip to Europe this year we flew Lufthansa Business Class from Frankfurt to New York. In the past we have reviewed Lufthansa Business Class onboard their A330 and Lufthansa First Class onboard their A340 so this will just be a short post highlighting the differences onboard their 747.


Lufthansa 747 Before Departure in Frankfurt

This was our first transit through Frankfurt Airport as all of our previous flights on Lufthansa have been though Munich. The Business Class Lounges in both airports were very similar except that in Munich the Franziskaner is bottled and the Lowenbrau is on tap while in Frankfurt the Lownebrau is bottled and the Franziskaner is on tap. I’m a sucker for both wheat beers and playing with beer taps so I’ll give extra points to Frankfurt on this one.


Lowenbrau in Munich


Franziskaner in Frankfurt

Whenever we get the chance to fly on a 747 I try to get either a seat way up in the nose on the lower deck like we did on Thai First Class or on the upper deck like we did with Qantas Business Class because those seem to be the quietest most private areas of the plane. In this case we went with seats 86H & 86K on the upper deck.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 at 2.52.19 PM

Lufthansa 747 Upper Deck Business Class Cabin

The main feature of the upper deck of the 747, aside from being up a flight of stairs and stairs on an airplane being awsome, is that the seats are arranged in a 2-2 configuration instead of a 2-2-2 configuration as they are on the lower deck of the 747 or as they are on the A330.


Heading to the Upper Deck

Everything else about the flight was very similar to our flight in Business Class onboard their A330 back in 2013. The seats, drinks, food and even the weird selection of movies reminded us of that first trip.


Welcome Drinks


More Wheat Beer

Overall, the differences between the Lufthansa Business Class experience onboard the 747 and the A330 are minimal but I would personally give the edge to the 747 because I love the history of the double-decker aircraft and appreciate each time we get to ride one before they’re finally phased out.


Lufthansa Business Class 747 Upper Deck

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