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Lufthansa A330 (New) Business Class MUC to JFK

This was actually the second leg of two back to back 9hr flights onboard Lufthansa’s A330 with refurbished fully flat Business Class seats.  Our first leg (overnight from BOM to MUC) had a full dinner and breakfast service but we slept through every minute of it so I can’t even tell you what the food smelled like.  Since we were basically taking the same flight twice (even the same seats, 3H & 3K on both flights) we figured we’d sleep through the first one and review the second one.


We spent our first 9hr flight in this position. We were too exhausted to even look at the dinner menu

Arriving in Munich at 6am we quickly made our way to the lounge which at that early hour was virtually empty.  The two standout features of the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge in Munich are the great showers with rainfall shower heads (which were much appreciated after a day spent driving around in the Mumbai heat followed by a 9hr flight) and the excellent beer selection which included bottled Becks and Franziskaner Weissbier in addition to a pour-it-yourself Lowenbrau tap.


It was early morning but I’m essentially an overgrown child so I couldn’t help myself but play with the tap

While boarding the plane all Business Class passengers were ushered into the separate First & Business Class jetway that enters the plane forward of the First Class seats (although for most Business Class passengers the Economy jetway would actually have been more convenient).

New Bitmap Image

Lufthansa A330 Layout

We walked though the small First Class cabin and found our seats in the first row of Business Class.


First Class seats, maybe next time

I purposely chose our seats (3H & 3K) because they are in the forward “mini-cabin” of the Business Class section and we have always found these “mini-cabins” to be quieter and feel more relaxed.


Our seats: First row of Business Class


Second and Final Row of the 12 person Business Class Forward “Mini-Cabin”

From our previous flight I knew that these lie-flat seats made great beds and were quite comfortable for sleeping (as we both slept though the entire 9hr flight) but this time we wanted to sample the food and entertainment so we didn’t waste any time choosing our welcome drinks of champagne and orange juice to make mimosas.


Champagne & Juice served on the ground

After take off the flight attendants distributed lunch menus.  I have always been a beer drinker and (unsurprisingly) Lufthansa’s beer selection blows away any other airline we have ever flown, but we felt their food was not quite up to the standard set by Turkish and Swiss on our outbound flights.  I was hoping for a heavy meal of pork or red meat to enjoy with my German beer but the menu only offered fish and poultry.


Lunch Menu


Beer & Liquor


White Wine


Red Wine




Erdinger Weissbier & Almonds


Smoked Duck Breast


Goat Cheese, Avocado, Endive Salad


Roast Goose & Frankenheim Alt


Coconut Mousse & Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique


German Christmas Cookies

After lunch I reclined to the lounging position to watch a movie on the large personal television provided.  Lufthansa has, without a doubt, the weirdest selection of movies I have ever seen on a plane.  While most airlines tend to load up on new releases they had a strange mix of fairly old, and very old films with only a few newer selections.  For example, on the outbound Turkish & Swiss flights I watched Star Trek and The Internship (both released in 2013) and on this flight I watched 2001 a Space Odyssey (1968) and Annie Hall (1977).


Old movies on a new TV

I don’t usually comment on the (slightly nicer) Business Class bathrooms but these Lufthansa A330′s have a unique feature I had never seen in an airplane bathroom before – a window.


And here’s a photo because nothing says “class” like looking down on the clouds while you poop.

A strange thing happened on our descent into JFK.  As we were about to land (the runway was visible out the window a couple hundred feet below) the pilot pushed the engines to full power for an emergency ascent.  He explained that there was some debris on the runway which he was warned about at the last minute.  Aside from the concern over our emergency ascent it was a bit frustrating that we had to circle back around over Long Island to land thirty minutes later on this long trip that refused to end.  Though, the delay certainly was not the fault of Lufthansa – in reality, that pilot may have safely averted a disaster.


Passing Jones Beach (5 miles from our house) on our first landing attempt – we wouldn’t be on the ground for another 45 minutes


Happy to be safely on the ground – 35 hours into our trip home from Dhara’s grandmother’s house

In conclusion, the seats were great (a huge improvement over the angle-flat seats Lufthansa still uses on a number of planes), the beer selection and service was excellent, and the food was fine, but a little disappointing.

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  1. Nice post! I wonder how many people are waiting for January 15th to book the last possible Lufthansa First Class award using United Mileage Plus miles. I’m certainly hoping I can make one last trip happen with United Miles before the February 1st deadline!

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