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LAN Business Class A340 SYD-AKL

LAN operates a once daily flight between Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand which later continues on to Santiago, Chile.  Usually, an airline is not allowed to operate a flight unless either the origin or the destination is within their home country, but something known as The Fifth Freedom of the Air (which kinda sounds like pirate law) allows them to do so when the flight is tagged on to a flight to/from their home country.


LAN A340 Business Class

This Fifth Freedom allows LAN (a Chilean Airline) to operate a flight between Australia and New Zealand, and allows us to ride in longhaul Business Class seats on a shorthaul flight.  Normally, planes flying the 3 hour route between Sydney and Auckland only have recliner style seats in Business Class, but since this flight was continuing on to Chile it was configured with lie-flat longhaul Business Class Seats, and getting those seats was the main reason we chose LAN over Qantas or Air New Zealand.


LAN A340 Business Class

I booked this flight months in advance and knew we were flying LAN, but it still caught me off guard when the flight attendants greeted us with “Hola”, “Buenos Dias”, and “Bienvenido” when we boarded our flight between two English speaking countries.


LAN A340 Business Class


LAN Business Class

Since it was a rather short flight we had an abbreviated meal service consisting of only breakfast with two options, but they still distributed printed menus, welcome drinks, and hot towels after we were aboard.


Breakfast Menu



The breakfast was fine.  I never really like breakfast food on a plane, or breakfast food at all for that matter, and was hoping they would have instead served lunch since the flight landed at 3pm New Zealand time.  After breakfast I watched a movie and Dhara reclined the seat to the fully flat position to nap for a couple hours before we reached Auckland.


X-Men: Days of Future Past on demand


LAN Business Class A340 Sleeping Position

We found the LAN product to be absolutely amazing for such a short flight.  We would also have no hesitation booking in their Business Class for a longhaul flight from New York to Santiago if our travels ever take us back there.  LAN is certainly far superior to Avianca, the airline we flew when we went to Chile earlier this year.

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