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Intercontinental Moorea – Premium Overwater Junior Suite Bungalow

Our stay at the Intercontinental Moorea was part of a three week trip to French Polynesia that included:

3 Nights at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Thalasso (Overwater Bungalow)

4 Nights at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana (Beach Bungalow)

4 Nights at the Hilton Moorea (Overwater Bungalow)

6 Nights at the Intercontinental Moorea (Overwater Bungalow)


Intercontinental Moorea

 We booked our first two nights in a Premium Overwater Junior Suite Bungalow using the Ambassador buy one get one free certificate, so we paid about $750 for our first two nights, instead of $750 per night. Now, even paying half price ($375) is still pretty expensive, but our hope was that since we were booked in the Premium Bungalow our first two nights that they would let us stay in it for our entire 6 night stay, despite the fact that the last 4 nights were booked as an award in a standard room. The plan worked and they let us stay in the $750 per night bungalow for the entire stay.


Intercontinental Moorea

When we arrived at the resort they recognized us as IC Ambassadors and directed us to their VIP Ambassador check-in (which consisted of a roped off section with a few chairs) where they gave us shell leis and welcome drinks. Check-in was so quick that I didn’t even have time to finish my welcome drink and brought it with me on the golf cart ride to our bungalow.


Welcome Drink at Check-In

The Premium Overwater Bungalow itself is extremely nice. It’s probably the second nicest bungalow we have had on this trip, behind the one at the Intercontinental Thalasso. The living room is very spacious.


Intercontinental Moorea Premium Overwater Bungalow – Living Room


Intercontinental Moorea Premium Overwater Bungalow – Living Room


Intercontinental Moorea Premium Overwater Bungalow – Living Room


Intercontinental Moorea Premium Overwater Bungalow – Living Room

The bedroom was nice and it could be separated from the living room by a sliding door.


Intercontinental Moorea Premium Overwater Bungalow – Bedroom

The deck was huge and offered unobstructed views of the ocean.


Intercontinental Moorea Premium Overwater Bungalow – Deck


Enjoying Sunset Drinks on the Deck


Sunset From the Deck

It’s worth noting that their “Overwater Bungalows” are not, by any stretch of the imagination, actually over the water. The bungalows are firmly on land, with just the dock extending over the water.


Our Bungalow – Only the Deck is Over the Water


More “Overwater” Bungalows

It’s also worth noting that the location of this resort, specifically the water and the beach, is not as nice as the other three resorts we stayed in while in French Polynesia. The lagoon is not really protected and waves routinely crashed in front of our bungalow making it hard to snorkel and swim. I did snorkel in front of our bungalow a few times but not nearly as much as I was expecting.


Snorkeling in front of our Bungalow

Aside from the less impressive beach and water, the other downside to the resort was the food. The first night we went to the main restaurant where we collected our free Mai Tais (they gave us vouchers for free cocktails when we checked in) and then had dinner. The drinks were nice, but the dinner wasn’t. Dhara ordered the only vegetarian option on the menu, fried gnocchi, and I had parrotfish. Both were pretty bad.


Drinks = Good


Food = Bad

Additionally, the food at this resort was actually more expensive than at the Intercontinental Bora Bora which doesn’t really make sense as Bora Bora is widely known as the most expensive island. The difference is that the IC Bora Bora has a number of restaurants within walking distance so they need to offer food at competitive prices or you’ll leave. At the Intercontinental Moorea the closest restaurant is 1.5 miles away and it’s only open for lunch. They know you’re essentially trapped at the resort and jack their prices up accordingly. For example, pizza and burgers at the bar at IC Bora Bora were $13 and $17 respectively, and in Moorea they were $23 and $25. Also, if you want to eat after 6pm the bar is closed and your only option is to pay $30 -$65 at the main restaurant for something mediocre.


Infinity Pool – Intercontinental Moorea

Out of the four resorts we visited in French Polynesia this was the only one where we felt like we were trapped. The beach and water wasn’t very nice compared to the other resorts so there wasn’t much to do all day and we had to walk miles every day for lunch, just to avoid eating expensive low quality food at the hotel.


Intercontinental Moorea

The best thing we did the entire time was that we rented a tiny car for a day to explore the island.


We loved this funny little car

Out of the 4 resorts we visited in French Polynesia this is the only one we would not recommend. The beach and water are subpar for French Polynesia, the food is disappointing, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and if you book on points you get a garden view room, not a bungalow. Even with the ridiculous upgrade we got to the Premium Overwater Bungalow we thought the place was just ok. If you get stuck in the standard room with no view I don’t think it would be pleasant.

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