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Hilton Moorea – Overwater Bungalow

Our stay at the Hilton Moorea was part of a three week trip to French Polynesia that included:

3 Nights at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Thalasso (Overwater Bungalow)

4 Nights at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana (Beach Bungalow)

4 Nights at the Hilton Moorea (Overwater Bungalow)

6 Nights at the Intercontinental Moorea (Overwater Bungalow)


Hilton Moorea

The Hilton Moorea is a luxury resort located on Moorea which is the closest island to the main island of Tahiti. Vacationers often come to Moorea as an alternative to Bora Bora as it’s much cheaper and easier to access. The ferry from Tahiti to Moorea costs under $60 roundtrip for a couple, while the flight to Bora Bora is over $800.


View of Moorea from the Ferry

Some people think Moorea is nicer than Bora Bora, and while I think those people are crazy, parts of Moorea are extremely beautiful including the beach and protected lagoon that the Hilton Moorea occupy.


Hilton Moorea

We scheduled a transfer with the Hilton ($15 per person) in advance, so as soon as we got off the ferry in Moorea we were greeted by a driver holding a sign with our name on it. A moment later we were off to the Hilton in a minivan with one other couple. Upon arrival they gave us traditional flower leis and brought us to our overwater bungalow on a golf cart.


Hilton Moorea – Overwater Bungalow

Overwater Bungalows at the Hilton Moorea were going for about $750 per night during our stay but we were able to book our four nights using complimentary weekend night certificates from the Hilton Reserve Credit Card (2 each). The standard rooms at the Hilton Moorea are Garden Bungalows, which are actually pretty nice, but we decided to pay $80 per night for an upgrade to an Overwater Bungalow which we thought was a pretty good value. We have used these free night certificates before at the Conrad Maldives and the Conrad Tokyo and thought they were all great value redemptions.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 at 2.47.38 PM

Hilton Moorea – Overwater Bungalow

The interior of the bungalow consisted of a large bedroom and bathroom with a cool glass bottom coffee table.


Hilton Moorea – Overwater Bungalow


HIlton Moorea – Overwater Bungalow


Hilton Moorea – Overwater Bungalow


Hilton Moorea – Glass Bottom Coffee Table

Outside there was a large deck on the same level as the bungalow with a table, chairs and two loungers. There was also a smaller deck right above the water.


Large Deck


Lower Deck right over the water

The deck was a fantastic place to hang out all day and an especially good place for sunset drinks. To help us out in the sunset drinks department they delivered a complimentary bottle of champagne to us the first night for being Hilton Diamond members. We’ve gotten a lot of complimentary champagne (or sparkling wine) from hotels over the past couple years and usually it’s barely drinkable, but this time the free champagne we got was actually really good. Kinda makes sense with French Polynesia being, you know, French.


Free (Good) Champagne

The water outside our bungalow, and throughout the resort, was stunning. It looked more like Bora Bora water than Moorea water. It was wonderful to hop right in for a swim straight from our bungalow.


Swimming in Front of our Bungalow

There were also lots of fish, as well as a few sharks and stingrays to view while snorkeling.


Snorkeling in Front of the Bungalow

Both Hilton Diamond and Gold members get free cold breakfast at the resort which is kind of weird since all the food is in a buffet and since no one is watching you’re kind of on your honor not to eat any hot food. The cold food can be hit or miss. On two of our four days they had a section with cold fish including the traditional Poisson Cru, which is awesome and actually more like lunch. The other two days that section was gone so it was pretty much just muffins, fruit and cold cuts.


Breakfast is at the main restaurant just past the pool

Our first night we had dinner at the main restaurant and, while a little pricy, the food was excellent. We also used our welcome drink vouchers for pre-dinner cocktails.


Sunset Cocktails at the Bar


Trilogy of Duck at the Main Restaurant

The other option for dinner is the overwater creperie/bar that’s located in the middle of the overwater bungalows. We never ate there but hung out there a bit because tons of reef sharks would congregate there every night which was pretty awesome.


Sharks under the Creperie/Bar

Overall, we thought this was a fantastic resort and we really loved the time we spent here. It’s a great value if you use the Citibank free night certificates here, and it’s well worth the $80 upgrade fee to confirm an overwater bungalow.


Hilton Moorea


Hilton Moorea

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