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Etihad Pearl Business Class A380 JFK-AUH

When Etihad introduced their A380′s last year most of the focus was on their revolutionary First Class Apartments which are easily the nicest First Class seats in the world.


Etihad First Class Apartments

Like many others, we’re excited about the Apartment flight we have coming up, and with all the excitement over the Apartments it was easy to miss that Etihad A380′s also feature an upgraded version of their already top-notch Business Class Product. In fact, yesterday’s flight on their A380 was the best Business Class experience we’ve had yet.

Pick-Up / Lounge

One of the nicest things about flying Etihad in a premium cabin is that your ticket includes door to door chauffeur service–even if you’re on a free ticket like we were. Just as when we flew Etihad First Class last April, it was very easy to schedule our free pickup, and the driver arrived at our house right on time.


Etihad Lounge JFK

Etihad recently opened a brand new lounge at JFK (to go along with their new A380 service) and it is pretty impressive. It has plenty of seating, a full bar and a dining area with waiters. They offer a nice mix of food and drinks. We started with arabic mezzes and Brooklyn IPA, and followed with the salmon which was pretty solid. Additionally, there were lounge attendants going around offering everyone arabic coffee and dates which we thought was a nice touch.


Etihad Lounge JFK Bar


Etihad Lounge JFK Dining Area


Etihad Lounge JFK Salmon

The lounge is only for Etihad passengers so when the lounge staff announced the departure of our flight everyone got up and left at the same time, which is something I’ve never seen before.



Despite the fact that that everyone boarded at the same time the process wasn’t crowded at all. The entire upper deck of their A380 has just 80 seats, so with 2 aisles the process was very calm and orderly.


Etihad A380

Etihad’s A380 upper deck looks amazing. The entryway includes a wood paneled bar with self-serve wines and spirits and a small lounge with two leather couches on either side of a table (the table is removed for boarding as in the below picture).


Etihad A380 Upper Deck Lounge

The seats are staggered in a 1-2-1 configuration so that every seat has aisle access. Some face forwards, most have a great amount of privacy for a single traveler while about a quarter of the seats are located very close to one another and are ideal for couples.


Etihad A380 Business Class Cabin


Etihad A380 Business Class Single Seat


Etihad A380 Business Class Honeymoon Seats


Etihad A380 Business Class Honeymoon Seats

While still on the ground flight attendants came around with welcome drinks and took dinner orders. They have a dine on demand system where you tell them what time you’d like to eat rather than when they feel like serving dinner which was a nice touch. I had the Arabic Mezzes, Prawn Appetizer, Beef Cheek Entre while watching Aladdin. The food was very good. Probably the best we’ve had in Business Class.


Mezzes & Prawns


Beef Cheek


Dhara’s Mezze’s & Banana Coconut Smoothie

The service was also top notch. Later on in the flight I ordered a Chicken Sandwich and Latte from the anytime menu and it arrived very quickly. Also, the flight attendant noted which wine each passenger was drinking and appeared with it whenever he saw the glasses getting low. He even filled my empty wine glass once while I was using the bathroom.


Chicken Sandwich & Latte — Midnight Snack

In the fully flat position the seats were very comfortable for sleeping, and the inflight entertainment had a large selection of US and international movies, as well a couple things I really appreciated that I’ve never seen before. The first thing was that the remote control for the TV had a large touchscreen that you could use to watch the flight progress while you watch a movie on the big screen at the same time. Super convenient.


Second Screen to keep an eye on the map while watching a movie

The other thing I liked was the option to sync the TV with the person next to you. It really came in handy when Dhara wanted to watch the second half of The Martian with me. Just a few taps on the screen and we were watching it together.

IMG_1181We loved this Business Class flight onboard Etihad’s A380 and can’t wait until we get to try their First Class Apartments next month.

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