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Etihad First Class Apartments A380 AUH – LHR

Etihad’s First Class Apartments are ridiculous. Like, so ridiculously nice they make Cathay Pacific First Class look like a Greyhound Bus.



Etihad Apartments – No Other First Class Comes Close

Our flight in the Apartments was the middle of three segments we booked from Mumbai to Madeira with overnight stopovers in both Abu Dhabi and London to do a little sight seeing. The entire cost for the three flight award with two Business Class segments and an 8 hour segment in the First Class Apartments was 40k American miles each–an absolute steal.

Screenshot 2016-02-09 at 10.28.14 AM

40k American Airlines Miles for the whole Trip


With a day to Explore Here


And Here

We booked the 8am departure from Abu Dhabi because we wanted to be on a daytime flight to London so we could be well rested and awake for the whole trip and really enjoy the apartments. We left the lounge as soon as boarding started and since the upper and lower decks of the A380 board through different jetways we were quickly onboard.


Etihad A380

With a single aisle and no overhead bins the First Class Cabin looks incredibly spacious.


Etihad First Class Single Aisle

We chose Apartments 3A & 4A because they connect and both have the seat portion closer to the window rather than closer to the aisle, which gives you more windows inside your apartment.

Screenshot 2016-02-09 at 10.57.30 AM

Etihad Apartments Layout


Apartment 4A

Upon boarding we were greeted and shown to our Apartments where the onboard butler explained how all the features worked. With the seat and bed controls, the doors, the TV, vanity, minibar, etc. it took quite a while for him to go over everything and it felt more like checking into an upscale hotel than boarding a plane.


Apartment 4A


Apartment 4A

As we were settling into our Apartments and exploring all the features a flight attendant appeared and offered us welcome champagne.


Champagne Duval Leroy Rose

She then opened up the divider between Dhara and my Apartments.


The Apartments with the Divider Open


Our Connecting Apartments


Laying with half my body in each Apartment

Next, the chef introduced himself and presented us with menus for both food and drinks and let us know that we could eat and drink whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We asked if we could order from the dinner menu at 8am and he said of course.


Etihad Apartment Menus

Since we boarded as soon as we could we had about an hour on the ground to drink champagne and play with the features of the Apartment before take-off.


Dhara Using the Vanity



After takeoff the flight attendant set the table for two in Dhara’s Apartment so we could have breakfast (dinner) together. I ordered the Lamb Shank and the chef suggested I pair it with mashed potatoes and Valpolicella wine. Dhara had the vegetable biryani with tea.


Dhara with her Tea


My Arabic Mezzes Starter


Dhara’s Soup – She already ate most of it




My Lamb


Dhara’s Biryani

The service, the food and the wine were all phenomenal. One of the most amazing things about Etihad’s Apartment Class is that they have an onboard shower, so after the meal I asked the flight attendant to prepare it for me, and to turn down our beds while I was showering. Ten minutes later he came to let me know the shower was ready and then show me how to use it. Showering mid-flight was pretty amazing, and returning to the Apartment with the bed made, feeling fresh and clean, and with a belly full of good food and wine set the mood for a great nap.


Etihad Apartments – Ready for Bed


Etihad Apartments – Ready for Bed

We napped for a couple hours after that and it was the most comfortable sleep we’ve ever had on a plane. After our naps we were feeling a little hungry again so I ordered a steak sandwich and Dhara had fresh baked cookies and a latte.


Etihad Steak Sandwich

This was, by a wide margin, our best flight ever. So great, in fact, that it will no doubt ruin every other flight we take for the rest of our lives.

Our only complaint was that at just 8 hours the flight was much too short.

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