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Cathay Pacific Business Class 777 JFK -YVR

We’ve previously reviewed both Cathay Pacific Business Class and Cathay Pacific First Class on longhaul flights onboard their 777 to/from Hong Kong and we usually don’t re-review products we’ve reviewed before but this flight is worth noting because it provides the only opportunity to fly a world class airline without leaving North America.


Cathay Pacific First Class

Cathay Pacific flies the JFK-YVR route as a 5th Freedom extension to their HKG-YVR flight which means passengers can experience the luxury of Cathay Pacific’s longhaul transpacific service on a short(ish) transcontinental flight. And it really is luxury; of all the flights we’ve flown over the past three years Cathay Pacific has both the second best Business & First Class products behind only Etihad.


Cathay Pacific Business Class

How to Book

Both American and British Airways have increased award costs on this route. American charges 37.5k miles for Business and 57.5k miles for First, while BA charges 37.5k miles for Business and 50k miles for First. Now, those aren’t terrible redemption values since Cathay has such a great Business/First Class, but we decided to use Alaska Airlines miles for this flight since they still charge just 25k for Business and 35k miles for First.


Cathay Pacific does not run their own lounge at JFK so their Business Class passengers use the British Airways Business Class lounge in Terminal 7 which is very large but also can get very busy in the evening. The lounge has a pretty respectable drink selection but the food offering is pretty meager since only BA passengers can access the area where they serve full meals which means Cathay Pacific passengers only have access to snacks.


Pub Area at the British Airways Lounge JFK


Practicing My Pouring Skills at the British Airways Lounge JFK


Well Stocked Wine/Liquor Bar


Lackluster Snacks

At first, I thought the limited food wasn’t very impressive for an International Business Class lounge, but considering we were taking what was almost a domestic flight, snacks and a good drink selection was actually pretty solid–far better than any Admirals Club or United Club. The lounge also had a small outdoor section which was interesting because outdoor seating is pretty rare in airport lounges, but since that section didn’t offer any views or any compelling reason to actually be outside, nobody was using it.


British Airways Lounge JFK


The flight departed 3 hours late through no fault of the airline. There was a reported shooting at JFK right when our flight was supposed to board (apparently there was not actually a shooting but the report of one caused multiple terminals to be evacuated and all flights were stopped for 3 hours). Once we got onboard we settled into seats 12D & 12G in the forward mini-cabin. These were the same exact seats we sat in on our previous flight in Cathay Pacific Business Class and we again found them to be private and comfortable.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 at 8.54.44 AM

Rows 11 and 12 Comprise the Small Forward Mini-Cabin


2 Row Forward Mini-Cabin


Same Seats – Drinking Welcome Champagne in Seat 12G

As soon as we boarded we were given champagne, amenities kits, and menus.


First Page of Wine List


Dinner Menu

The dinner menu was less extensive than our previous longhaul flight on account of the short flight time. I ordered the lamb which was tasty but seemed small, especially since I hadn’t eaten much in the lounge and waited an extra 3 hours to board and have a meal.


Lamb Dinner


Dhara’s Indian Food

I remembered having a nice burger as a midnight snack on our last flight so about an hour after the lamb I requested one and the flight attendants explained that they loaded them in Vancouver and only offered them on the transpacific flight. They instead gave me a cheese plate, a few bags of almonds, some chocolates and a ton of champagne. Not bad but I really missed that burger. At that point Dhara put her seat in the fully flat position to get some sleep since it was already about 3am. I stayed up watching Captain America: Civil War and snacking.


Champagne, Chocolate (wrappers) and Black Panther


Direct Aisle Access Fully Flat Seats – Good for Sleeping

After experiencing this flight I am convinced the Cathay Pacific JFK-VYR is the nicest way to fly across North America. My only negative comment is that between the lack of real food in the lounge, the three hour delay, and the small(ish) dinner this was the first time in my life I actually left a Business Class flight feeling hungry.

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