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Air Berlin Business Class A330 DUS-JFK

We recently flew Air Berlin’s new(ish) Business Class product home to New York from Dusseldorf, Germany and we were generally impressed. Air Berlin has long been regarded as a budget airline but in the last few years has installed a high quality Business Class product on all of their long haul planes as they have increased their partnership with Etihad Airways. In fact, their staggered Business Class product is very similar to that of Etihad and is as good, if not better than, many other transatlantic products.


Air Berlin Business Class Lounge Dusseldorf:

While we were generally impressed with Air Berlin’s onboard product their lounge in Dusseldorf did have kind of a budget airline vibe. It was small, and the snacks were fairly meager, but there weren’t many people and there was a decent drink selection so it was more than adequate. Better than a domestic lounge in the US, but a bit weak for an international lounge.


Air Berlin Business Class Lounge Dusseldorf


Air Berlin Business Class Lounge Dusseldorf


Air Berlin Business Class Lounge Dusseldorf


Air Berlin Business Class Lounge Dusseldorf


Air Berlin Business Class Lounge Dusseldorf


Air Berlin Business Class Onboard:

Air Berlin’s Business Class cabin onboard the A330 consists of 19 seats in a staggered configuration. The staggered configuration means that all seats have direct aisle access, but it also means that some seats are significantly better than others.


Air Berlin Business Class Layout – From

For example, the three pairs of E&F seats (often referred to as the honeymoon seats) are phenomenal for couples, but are so close together that they would actually be a little weird for a pair of strangers.


E&F Honeymoon Seats

Seats in rows C,D,G & H are all on the aisle, and although the seats are nice they seem a bit exposed. On the flip side, the A & K seats are incredible for solo travelers as they offer direct aisle access, as well as windows and a ton of privacy.


Air Berlin Business Class–Exposed H Seat and Private K Seat


Air Berlin Business Class–Exposed C Seat and Private A Seat

We chose seats 5E & 5F, the last set of honeymoon seats, and really enjoyed them. It felt like we were in our own private little pod.


Air Berlin Business Class


Air Berlin Business Class


Air Berlin Business Class

While still on the ground the flight attendants made the rounds with welcome drinks, hot towels and printed lunch menus.


Hot Towel & Lunch Menu

Shortly after takeoff the meal service began.


Bitburger & Warm Nuts


Bitburger & Carpaccio


Bitburger & Beef

After lunch Dhara put her seat into the fully flat position to sleep. I put my seat into the fully flat position to test out the seat and it seemed like it would be perfectly comfortable to sleep on an overnight flight, but since it was daytime I returned the seat to the lounging position to watch Avengers Age of Ultron multiple times. About 90 minutes before our arrival in New York they offered another light meal.


Light Meal Before Landing

Despite Air Berlin’s budget airline reputation, the have a high quality Business Class product. I wouldn’t hesitate to book with them again, especially if we were able to snag another pair of honeymoon seats.

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