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$600 Worth of First Class Scenic Train Rides Through Germany, Switzerland & Italy for Under $150

The Bernina Express, which transits the Alps from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy, is one of the most scenic train rides in the world. It also comes with a hefty price tag but there’s a savvy way to cut the price by over 75%.


Great Scenery on the Cheap

The Bernina Express is not only scenic, it’s also a great way to get from Zurich to Milan as those cities are quick local train rides from Chur and Tirano respectively.

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Freiburg to Zurich to Chur to Tirano to Milan

Normal rates for the Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano are about $126 per person, while the Zurich to Chur segments are another $72 each. That’s a total of $396 for a couple but there’s an easy way to cut that down.


Bernina Pass

The normal way to get Huge Discounts on European Train Tickets is to buy discounted non-refundable tickets directly from the train operator. The only problem with that method in this case is that discounted tickets are not offered anywhere within Switzerland. But, luckily for us, there are significantly discounted tickets available from Germany to Italy THROUGH Switzerland.


Bernina Pass

By setting your origin as Freiburg, Germany (the last stop before the Swiss border) and your destination as Tirano, Italy (the end of the Bernina Express) you can buy Discount First Class Tickets for the entire journey for less than $75 per person on the German Rail Site of  (the normal price for the three segment trip from Freiburg to Zurich to Chur to Tirano is over $300 pp).


The Scenic Train Stops for Photos in the Middle of the Alps

Even better, you can add in a number of stopovers along the way and as long as those stopovers are each under 48 hours you still pay the discounted price as if it’s one ticket. Additionally, if you want to skip Germany entirely, you can still buy the discounted ticket that originates in Freiburg and just throw away the ticket for the first leg of the journey and start you trip in Basel or Zurich.


24 Hour Stopover in Zurich

We utilized the stopover option to explore Zurich for 24 hours and you can add another 48 hours in the Alps, perhaps in Chur or Davos, for the same price.


Entering Italy

For a more detailed explanation of how to book discount tickets for the Bernina Express and more info on the experience in general here’s a great post from The Man in Seat61.

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